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Towers High School Organizations/Clubs

The following organizations and clubs will be offered during the 2020-2021 School year. 

If you are looking for just sports, visit the ATHLETICS tab on the left or click the link below. 

***Below is a TENTATIVE outline of school organizations and are always subject to change. 

Contact Person:
Reginald Gibson 

Contact Person:
Alphonso Counts

Art Club
Contact Person:
Sherrice Adams

Drama Club
Contact Person:
Amy Shaw

Contact Person:
Allen Black

Year Book
Contact Person:
Hope Green

Contact Person:
Linda Cleaves

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

Below are the Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) associated with each CTAE Pathway:

Ms. Emile Miller
Chef Patria Cunningham
Lt. Col. Ryan Calloway
Ms. Chantelle Pinkston
Ms. Zenja Satllworth
Mr. Kenardo Leslie M.Ed.
Mr. Kenardo Leslie M.Ed.

Click the Link below to find out more about the CTSO Organizations.
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