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Towers High School

Dekalb County Schools


Towers High School History

During the first quarter of the 1963-1964 school year, Towers High School held classes in its temporary location at Avondale High School. Dr. Wilson was the first of a long line of male principals at Towers; he started classes at 12:30 PM and they ran until 5:30 PM. It wasn’t until November of 1963 that the new building, although unfinished, was opened. Lunch was on a wagon, the band room was incomplete, and weight lifting, Drill Team and Dance rehearsals were held in the hallways. By the third quarter of the school year the new cafeteria was opened, the new gym was completed, the new band room could house 100 students, and the honors, traditions, spirit, victories, and friendships of a new Titan family had begun. (Library Media Center addition – 1964, Building Renovation completion – 2006, and Career Technology Wing opening – 2010).

 Towers High School was named in honor of Captain William Towers. Captain Towers fought in the war of 1812. In 1833 Captain Towers moved his family to DeKalb County; he lived on Rockbridge Road, and was the pastor of Indian Creek Baptist Church. Captain Towers died in 1846 and was buried in the Decatur Cemetery.

The students of Towers selected the Titan as the school mascot. Titan was the name of an ancient race of gods in Greek Mythology. According to the Greeks, in the beginning there were Gaea, Goddess of the Earth, and Uranus, God of Heaven. Their twelve children were known as the Titans and had incredible strength. This theory embodied the essence of the Towers Community.

Towers C.A.R.E.S 

Collaboration, Accountability, Relationships, & Engagement for Success for all Students