Towers High School

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Towers HS Title I Compact/Policy - 10.6.2023

Greetings Towers HS Stakeholders,

Attached you will find the Title I Compact, Policy, Calendar of Events, Right to Know Notification, and DCSD Policy that was shared during the Title I Annual meeting that was held 9/28/23.  Please review the attachments and complete the link below confirming that you received these items.  I look forward to our partnership throughout the 2023-2024 school year.  Thanks in advance.  

Title I Compact/Policy/DCSD Policy electronic signature 

Towers High School _Approved_FY24 School Family Innovative Compact (DP).pdf 

Towers High School_Approved_FY24 PFE Policy Innovative (DP).pdf 

Towers High School_Approved_FY24 School Event Calendar(DP).pdf 

Towers High School Right to Know Notification.pdf 

FY24 DCSD Parent and Family Engagement Revised 6-23-2023.pdf