Towers High School

Dekalb County Schools

Last Day to Return Chromebooks

Attention Titans,

The FINAL day to return Chromebooks is Thursday, 5/18/23.  Students will be fined $381.95 for Chromebooks and $41.00 for chargers if not returned by the deadline.  If your device was loss or stolen, please use the link below to purchase the replacement device. Once you have purchased the replacement device, please email the receipt confirmation along with the student's name and student number to [email protected] for us to credit the account.  Please note a student will not be able to receive his/her report card/transcript until the device is returned or replaced.  If you have any questions, contact Ms. Knight at 678-874-2217 or [email protected].  Thanks in advance. 


  • Make sure school is set to Towers High School
  • Select the 1st choice for the Chromebook and the 2nd Choice for the charger only