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Beginning Monday, March 30, in order to further support our students with their need to communicate with staff during our digital learning experience, you may visit our school's website to obtain teachers' office numbers and communication hours.  The list includes the names of all our staff and are sorted from A-G and H-Z so that you can find the teacher's email address, Google phone number, and office hours for phone calls about assignments.  We ask that you only call teachers during their specified individual office hours as they are working during the remainder of work hours to support students on their instructional platforms.  These numbers are for content-related questions only, and we are asking that you do not text or send pictures to their listed numbers.  The teachers created these accounts for the specific purpose of assisting students with this digital learning experience.  This information is our effort to address some of the concerns that the students raised in their surveys about their need for access to their teachers for help with their assignments.  Additionally, we also ask that you respect our staff's time and email them during work hours from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.  Please allow our staff 24 hours to respond to your emails.  Thank you for all of your efforts and for working as an education partner for our students' success.  You are appreciated!  Have a great day. 
Towers High School Teacher Contact Information for Digital Learning

While the district is closed due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, teachers will place assignments into our virtual learning platform, Verge.  Students are expected to log into the Verge portal and complete their assignments.  Teachers will be logging into the system each day and responding to any student questions as well as grading their submissions and entering those grades into Infinite Campus.  Parents, please ensure that your child logs into Verge every day to ensure that he or she completes all provided distance learning assignments.

Attached are the directions for accessing Verge so that you can assist your children in monitoring and completing their assignments while we are out of school.

Access to Virtual Learning Lessons

Log into DeKalb County School District Website
Click on Digital Learning Days
Click on “blue link.” This will give you access to CLEVER.
Once in CLEVER, scroll down to “Assessment Tools and Resources”
Click on “Illuminate for students”
Click on the “blue link” under DeKalb County Schools
Username is “s” and student number (s12345)
Password is “dekalb” and the grade level (dekalb02) for high school students password is whatever the student set up to log onto the computers at school,

Verge Directions 2019-2020.docx 

For Virtual Learning Help and Support click on:



Virtual Learning Survey

We are soliciting your Towers High School student's feedback about their virtual learning experiences.  Please allow your children take this brief survey to help us better serve their virtual learning needs.  We want to hear from them so we can make adjustments during this period of time that we are learning remotely.  The survey will only take a few minutes and can be completed by phone, tablet, or computer.  Please forward this survey link to your child so that we can hear from them.



 Information for Parents With Multiple Students on the Same Device

You may find that when attempting to access Clever or Verge for your second child or more that the website will automatically log in for the first child and not allow you to log in for the second and so forth.  I have a solution for you...


  1.  Make sure you log into LaunchPad (Clever) through the DeKalb County Schools website.  Scroll to the bottom of the website and click on the yellow "rocketship".
  2.  A new tab will open.  Click on "Log in with Active Directory".
  3.  You will be asked to enter a username and password.  The username is "s" and your child's student number (ex: s1234567), and the password. (Ex: dekalb05 for fifth grade, dekalb01 for first grade) grades 6-12 have unique passwords. 
  4.  Once you enter that information, you will be logged into LaunchPad (Clever).  Scroll down the Verge icon and click on it.
  5.  A new window will open.  You should now be logged into Verge and can access your student's classes by clicking "Courses" at the top.
  6.  When it is time to have another child use Verge, you need to first log out of both Verge and LaunchPad and completely close your browser.
  7.  Open your browser again and start with step #1.

Please email us if you have additional questions and/or concerns.

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